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This is not America (or ... is it?)

This deeply human collection of short stories explores the institutions of family and friendship and the shaken sexual relationships of people in Greece. The characters in these stories fight back against a tough reality as they are pushed to the very brink. Each story carves a sincere, dynamic path ending with a sense of harmony, justice, and optimism.

In Greece, nothing reminds us of America. Here, there is no Hollywood, Las Vegas, or Route 66 with motels built in the middle of nowhere. Here, everything seems different. Well, this is not America (or . . . is it?).

In A Good Day on the River, two brothers decide to visit their mother after twenty-five years. On their way, they stumble upon a gas station where something startling occurs.

In Do the Right Thing, a couple is pushed to the brink of separation when the Swedish wife decides to move back to her country with their teenage daughter.

In A Few Words of Grace, a woman loses her faith in God and in Can You Stay Sober Tonight? a man finds his.

In I Apologize to You, Sir after a widowed mother encounters racial violence, she writes a letter of indignation to a newspaper.  

Style Fiction

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Anastasia Theodwrakopoulou

It is just an remarkable book. Every story is a gem. Well done, Georgios Andritsos!

Dimitrios P. Naskos

Magnificent book! You learn so many things about Greek reality.. every single short story has a different theme and independent style.. congratulations, Mr. Andritsos!

Sofia Verginis

A wonderful book everyone should read. Each story is better than the previous one and all together are enjoyable and leave you with the feeling every great book leaves you with.

Sofia Apatsidou

With captivating ease, the author unveils the unexplored facets of human character, all while subjecting their heroes to challenging circumstances. This collection of life-inspired stories, though initially creating the illusion of predictability in each narrative's progression and conclusion, effectively maintains suspense and forces readers into moral dilemmas. The author skillfully conveys the emotions of the characters in a deeply engaging manner.