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Lady rum


Lady rum

I stand in the middle of a large living room
the lights are dimmed
a disco ball casts
disco light on the walls
am high on Lady Rum
subdued by her
I like it
I allow it
comfortable numbness
begins to come over me.

I take a drag on my cigarette
it burns my throat
it burns my soul
I want to drink another drink
but in a door frame stand
long legs
our eyes meet.

“come here,” she says
“come here,” I say.

she smiles her smile
stiletto shoes click on the wooden floor
she puts her hand on my crotch
and squeezes softly.

I shiver
she purrs
her warmth is sweet
we kiss violently, crazily
she moans
pulls away
her Baltic eyes are

she takes my cigarette
from between my fingers
and exits the room.

I hear her stiletto heels
click, click – click, click, they go
down the stairs and then

I smell her aroma
I feel her on my lips
sweet defeat.

I lean against the balcony's doorframe
and look out the window.
Rosenberg gate is covered in snow
a man with a hood pulled over his head
staggers up the sidewalk
a car drives down the road in
low speed.

I turn around and my eyes fall on Lady Rum
I pour myself another drink and
light another cigarette
as the disco ball casts disco light on the walls.

I drink from my drink and
bask in my comfortable numbness.

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